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Darkside Custom Tints is proud to offer the following training courses for you to become a custom window tinter. This course offers you one on one training in all aspects of custom window tinting. You will learn how to design, cut, and apply a variety of films and signage materials. Training by one of the top tinters in the industry with over 25 years experience in all types of film applications.


Learn to use all the right tools for the right job. Darkside strives to make sure that your training is 95% hands on whether it is automotive, flat glass or custom windows. Training can be held at your locationÂș. Courses are held over two days and run for the normal work day 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Below are our packages where you will learn some of the techniques and secret tips that will be covered in our training. Some of which will be the most important lessons to be learned.



Darkside can tailor a specific package to your needs if you have previous experience or specific needs. Contact us to start the journey to becoming a professional window tinter.


Darkside Customs Window Tint Training Packages

Darkside Customs Window Tint Training - Basic
Darkside Customs Window Tint Training - Complete


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